Full Blood Bulls

AS black octane  dob 2/10/15 reg number MM27208 dad is a red halfblood bull MM22027 DAM is XF2542 black bull best of my 50 percent bulls $2000

AS red skelton dob 3/14/15 reg number MM27207 dad is red half blood bull MM22027 dam is XF14082 bull is red very nice bull another 50 percent bull $2000

AS black bunny dob 4/2/15 reg number is 27209 dad is red halfbllod bull MM22027 DAM is XF16957 bull is black gonna be long another 50 percent bull $2000

S FOUR FARMS BUTCH dob 3/11/14 reg number  MM23955 dad is a black fullblood bull FM14959 DAM is black  XF2542 has lots of muscle  bull is black $1500

AS popeye dob 4/29/15 reg number FM27210 dad is the red fullblood bull FM18696 DAM is black FF7132 very nice black bull $2500

AS jase dob 5/5/15 reg number 26139 dad is a black fullblood bull FM21511 DAM FF22290 is also black but a red carrier bull is red with some new genetics  $2500

AS kyle dob 7/17/15 reg number FM26820 dad is a red fullblood FM18696 dam is red FF20894 bull is young but has some good carcass traits $2500

AS red tide dob 3/28/15 reg number FM25915 dad is a red fullblood FM11937 DAM is a black fullblood FF11939 bull is red puts some new genetics into the gene pool 2 sisters sold at the national sale for over 7000 thousand bull is priced at $6000